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  • Friday, 24 January 2025
  • Heimathafen Neukölln
  • 19:00
  • 20:00

Veranstalter: Trinity Music

Performing “Nell’ Ora Blu” Corruption. Paranoia. Blackmail. A circle of violence and... more

Performing "Nell` Ora Blu"

Performing “Nell’ Ora Blu”

Corruption. Paranoia. Blackmail. A circle of violence and retribution. A tangled web of deception and fear. The inescapable tentacles of the underworld. Bloody debts settled. Betrayers betrayed. Vengeance comes calling, when the law is not enough…

15 years on from their shadowy formation in deepest, darkest Cambridgeshire, England, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats stand alone as one of the most idiosyncratic and eccentric bands ever to emerge from the post-Sabbathian realm, Kevin Starrs’ enigmatic crew have built a reputation on music that defies categorisation. With a sound that has variously plundered from classic doom, psychedelia, garage rock and underground, occult heaviness, they have consistently evolved and mutated, with invariably gripping results.

Now they have returned with an ambitious colossus of a new record: NELL’ ORA BLU. A fully-fledged, cinematic feast, partly inspired by the dark magic of Italy’s Giallo film movement, but drawn directly from Starrs’ own foul and fearless imagination, the new album is entirely unlike anything the band have done before. Peppered with exclusively recorded dialogue from giants of the Italian celluloid underground (including Franco Nero and Edwige Fenech), and brimming with perverse and unprecedented musical detours, NELL’ ORA BLU expands the world that Uncle Acid first spawned all those years ago and presents an entirely unique listening experience that throbs and shrieks with horrific intent.

A chilling, disorientating tale of murderous plots and brutal, gut-wrenching revenge, NELL’ ORA BLU has the bloody fingerprints of cult Italian cinema all over it. Now the band will perform the album in its entirety for a series of concerts in 2025. As Starrs explains “It will be a unique experience for the band and audience. People can come in from the cold, sit down in an old theatre seat and get fully immersed while we drag them to another time and place. To play an album all the way through in such amazing theatres is something we’ve never done before. It’s also something I don’t plan on doing again, so we’re going to fully enjoy it!”