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  • Thursday, 13 April 2023
  • Lido
  • 19:00
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Veranstalter: Fremdveranstalter

Nearly two decades into their journey as masters of US Black Metal, Wolves In The ThroneRoom... more

Nearly two decades into their journey as masters of US Black Metal, Wolves In The ThroneRoom have emerged from the forest with PRIMORDIAL ARCANA. Their most majesticalbum to date.While the proverbial blaze in the northern sky remains the band’s artistic palette of choice,Primordial Arcanaexpands upon black metal to includemusical forms that pre-date thegenre’s devastating second wave. “After we discovered Metallica and Slayer in our earlyteens, the first extreme metal bands we were into were Deicide and Morbid Angel,” Aaronexplains. “So death metal was there from the very beginning, and I think it especially comesto the fore on this record.”It’s all more evidence that Wolves In The Throne Room are a band with fewcontemporaries. “We have a singular and unique voice in the extreme metal world,” Aaronsays. “We’re coming from an unapologetically real and personal perspective, and we haven'tmade any concessions to what's expected of us. We’ve always done things exactly the waywe want to do it and in a super DIY way.”That methodology has reached a new peak withPrimordialArcana. “We’ve gotten evendeeper into the DIY aspect by building our own recording studio from the ground up, andproducing and mixing the record ourselves,” Aaron points out. “And now we’re making ourown videos within the local wilderness. So we’ve been able to keep all of the creativecontrol between the three of us while raising the bar creatively. As we become more insularand rely on ourselves more, the art gets better and sharper—a more perfect representationof what the band is all about