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  • Dienstag, 15. August 2023
  • Columbia Theater
  • 19:00
  • 20:00

Veranstalter: Trinity Music

What do we know about BoyWithUke? If you quickly scan TikTok, you can figure out he is a musical... mehr

World Tour 2023

What do we know about BoyWithUke? If you quickly scan TikTok, you can figure out he is a musical artist who writes and produces all of his own music, creating songs in his dorm room on GarageBand while hiding his face from the public with his now signature glowing mask. Take a deeper look, and you’ll see he frequently posts “minute long songs,” many times written in response to requests from fans. His biggest hit to date was written after a fan commented “make a song about toxic friends plzzzx,” and the response was the song “Toxic.” The song describes how it feels when you realize all your friends are terrible people (people you’d probably be better off without), but the thought of being alone makes you feel even worse. The song exploded online, as it vaulted to #1 at Alternative Radio and reached over 1.5 billion global streams to date. Not to mention, his performance of “Toxic” has emerged as the platform’s highest-viewed Genius video to date with over 100 million views and counting. Last year, he embarked on his sold out international headline tour and released his debut album Serotonin Dreams that features collaborations with blackbear, mxmtoon, Powfu, and more. The project is the follow up to previous full length projects Melatonin Dreams, Fever Dreams, Trouvaille EP, and Faded EP (featuring numerous songs created from his TikTok “minute long songs” project). BoyWithUke kicked off 2023 with his latest single “Rockstar” taken from his recent release—Antisocial EP.

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