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  • Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2023
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

In their forthcoming project, which signals the beginning of a new era, Boy Bleach bring it back... mehr

Europe 2023

In their forthcoming project, which signals the beginning of a new era, Boy Bleach bring it back to their roots. Never afraid to tackle difficult, often taboo subjects in their music, the five-piece, who are deeply connected to their East End origins, take great pride in the messages they choose to communicate with the world. “We’ve always made a point of saying what needs to be said”, they share. “We don’t like to shy away from from topics that are a little bit harder to talk about. We’ve always wanted to choose a path that was a bit more outspoken, but in a way that we felt was necessary”.

Heralding the dawn of this new era is the single ‘Dance No More’, which sees Boy Bleach march to to the beat of their own drum. Addressing the biased structure of both the music industry and society in general, ‘Dance No More’ sticks two fingers up at nepotism and the inherited ‘luck’ of some, while others work themselves to the bone just to be seen. “We’re so tired of having to dance to the tune, rather than actually craft the path for ourselves, but we don’t really have a choice”, the band comment. “As musicians, you’re building a platform to be able to speak to people in a more influential manner. If you have that platform and are not using it to talk about issues and make people aware of things you’re using it wrong”, they add. “It could be the difference between a lot of people changing their mind or not, and a lot of people feeling accepted or not..That’s what we want to do: make a difference”.

On their first EP, or are you normal? [2022], Boy Bleach (formed of brothers Lou and Jimi and James and Nick, plus their college friend JJ) leaned into a more sonically pop flavour, most evident in their pre-released 2021 singles, ‘LOVEU2X’ and ‘Perfect Guy’.
 “We were writing about everything that we didn’t want defining us. There’s anxieties, insecurities and a lot of angst in that first record that came from things that we didn’t really want to be defining features of who we were, but we thought were really important to talk about”, the band explain. “You’re going to hear a lot of that in this new EP – that kind of angst and stress – and that’s why we’ve gone down more of a punky, Brit Pop route”.

On their new project, Boy Bleach let the songs do the talking. Inspired by their tour sound, which showed the band exactly what they were capable of, Boy Bleach bounded into the studio, charged with an energy to create their most authentic work yet. Going back to basics, the forthcoming record will see the five-piece dive head-first into who they are and what they stand for, more than ever before.

“It does definitely feel a defining era for us”, the band state. If or are you normal? positioned Boy Bleach as challengers of the sociopolitical status quo, then their next EP is set to go even further, serving up gritty, fresh sounds and profoundly honest lyrics. Although the band will venture into more granular territory topically, they promise the music will still feel as relatable (and no doubt just as catchy) as before.

2022 has consisted of European tours supporting Yungblud and Only The Poets, as well as a slot at Reading and Leeds Festival, followed by two back-to-back sold out headline shows at Camden Assembly in October. The band has already announced their debut UK headline tour for March 2023.

It’s been an exciting year so far, and it seems the best is still to come for the innovative, outspoken band.


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