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  • Freitag, 9. September 2022
  • Hole
  • 19:00
  • 20:00

Veranstalter: Trinity Music

Twenty years active; six highly prized albums; over 600 shows on four continents.   „A... mehr

A Valediction Europe 2022

Twenty years active; six highly prized albums; over 600 shows on four continents. „A Valediction“ finds OBSCURA turning the page to a new chapter in the band’s evolution. A year in the works, the songwriting sessions followed a new approach, where the framework was relaxed, allowing new inspirations, imagining, and opportunities to arise. Songs like the opening epic ‘Forsaken,’ the ’80s-tinted ‘When Stars Collide’(featuring Soilwork/The Night Flight Orchestra frontman Björn Strid), the brutal groove of ‘Devoured Usurper,’ the ethereal artistry of ‘Heritage,’ and the fleet-fingered title track benefitted compositionally (refined structures) and aesthetically (more dynamism) from OBSCURA’s restyled songwriting stratagem.

In 2021, the group continue to be a beacon for change. No doubt OBSCURA’s new stats will amaze, but what they’re focused on is the release of „A Valediction“ and then taking it on the road. Several high-caliber tours of Europe, North America, and Asia are planned through to 2023, with routes are in the works for the band to visit Australia, South America, and beyond. Truly, there is no band quite like OBSCURA. „A Valediction“proves that persistence, perseverance, and enterprising minds can achieve anything. Welcome to the next level!

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