Hilltop Hoods

+ Yaw Herra + DJ Cut Vader

Hilltop Hoods
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  • Montag, 3. Juli 2017
  • Gretchen
  • 20:00
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music


DRINKING FROM THE SUN, WALKING UNDER STARS RESTRUNG. IT WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN, ALBEIT ONE THAT WAS LONGER THAN EXPECTED. COMBINE TWO OF THE MOST ECLECTIC AND SUCCESSFUL ALBUMS OF ADELAIDE HIP HOP ACT HILLTOP HOODS’ CAREER AND TOUR THE WORLD SEVERAL TIMES OVER.  Tour some more, then secretly regroup with their old friends at the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to reinvent and reimagine their much loved tunes.  It’s a courageous step from any band, from any era, but from day one, MCs Pressure, Suffa and DJ Debris have had ambition to burn, which has fuelled the biggest success story in Australian Hip Hop.  Both albums ‘Drinking from the Sun’ and ‘Walking under Stars’ debuted at No. 1, achieved double platinum sales, two ARIA awards and spawned a 4 X platinum & a 1 x platinum single each.

These records were the group’s most personal, intimate and above all – formidable statements yet. The ending of relationships, the beginning of new life, and the very real possibility of losing it, MCs Suffa, Pressure and DJ Debris grew considerably over the course of these two projects. That statement is not only indicative of the album’s subject matter, but its sound.  Putting so much of their own heart into the projects took the group into new directions, sprinkling both albums with powerful hip/hop soul evident on the platinum single ‘Won’t Let You Down’ featuring Maverick Sabre and ‘Live and Let Go’ Featuring Brother Ali and Maverick again. Fans came along on the journey with the new material which sat comfortably alongside the trio’s staples of beat driven Hip Hop like the 4 X platinum ‘I Love it’ featuring pop royalty Sia and 4 X platinum festival anthem ‘Cosby Sweater’.

Now the fans will get to immerse themselves in their favourite songs all over again, in stunning orchestrations helping transform them into sweeping, cinematic Hip Hop laced with the warmth of 52 very accomplished musicians.  Much of the material their 626,000+ Facebook and 70,000+ Twitter followers have fallen in love with on the two number one albums was written for this project in mind, adding further depth to their most expansive body of work to date.  Along with key songs from the ‘Drinking from the Sun’ and ‘Walking Under Stars’ albums, ‘Restrung’ contains several new tracks including the first hit single ‘Higher’ feat. James Chatburn. ‘Higher’ reached number 9 on the charts and was the number one most added to Australia radio – Triple J, HIT, SCA Regional and Nova – while it rockets towards platinum status. New single, ‘1955’ featuring the bright talents of Montaigne and Tom Thum, has smashed itself into top 10 in the first two days of its release.

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