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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

ÁRSTÍÐIR – A Story of Harmony & Passion Just like the Icelandic culture, Árstíðir’s music... mehr

Vetrarsól Tour 2024

ÁRSTÍÐIR – A Story of Harmony & Passion

Just like the Icelandic culture, Árstíðir’s music sits somewhere between history and modernity. Their songs draw on a millennia of culture and weaves it together with the sounds of our times. Genres give way to intention and their songs celebrate the music of the heart.

Volcanic eruptions

Árstíðir leapt onto the international arena in 2010 as clouds of ash from the Eyljafjallajökull volcano spread across Europe making Iceland the talk of the day. Having spawned two #1 hit singles in Iceland, the band, formed two years earlier in Reykjavík now embarked on a relentless touring excursion spanning Siberia to San Diego, Zagreb to Svalbard, while at the same time going viral with an 800 year old hymn performed impromptu at a train station and gathering a cult like following by devoted fans that has crowdfunded half of the band’s 8 album strong discography.

The bedrock of Árstíðir’s music is the chemistry between the three members, Daníel, Gunnar & Ragnar, and the common denominator in all of Árstíðir’s music, and band’s main trademark, is their use of vocal harmonies. All three members have strong and distinct characters, and they all take turns singing lead. Another trademark is the band’s use of strings, and how they interplay with the vocal harmonies. On tours and in the studio the band teams up with the dynamic French string duo Jean-Samuel Bez (violin) and Guillaume Lagravière (cello).

The band is currently working on their 9th studio album, which will be released in October of 2024.


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