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  • Dienstag, 7. Mai 2024
  • Maschinenhaus
  • 19:00
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

Introducing London-based, Melbourne-raised HighSchool , Australian post-punk’s brightest... mehr


Introducing London-based, Melbourne-raised HighSchool, Australian post-punk’s brightest promise and best-kept secret.

Made up of Rory Trobbiani and Luke Scott, HighSchool create intoxicating music, whose debut 2021 EP Forever At Last, is a lo-fi gem of the genre, having already accrued cult-classic status. Championed by the likes of NME, The FADER, CLASH, DIY, PAPER and So Young, they’ve come far in their first year. Where Forever At Last served as a brilliant introduction to an essential new band, new single and video ‘August 19’ provides a seamless continuation of their debut EP’s arc. Alongside the release comes the announcement of HighSchool’s signing to [PIAS] Australia.

‘August 19’ explores themes of nostalgia, adolescence and young love. Written with the acuity of hindsight, they reflect on how schoolyard romances mean everything at the time, all-encompassing but all too often fleeting. And more so than any previous track, ‘August 19’ leans in on the bedroom pop side of their sound, with Sunken’s Poppy Billingham’s backing vocals a perfect counterpoise to Rory while Luke’s low-slung bass and an infectious driving snare sound keep it only HighSchool.


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