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  • Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2024
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

Good Kid is a five-piece pack of rambunctious indie rockers from Toronto. A jack-of-all-trades... mehr

Good Kid is a five-piece pack of rambunctious indie rockers from Toronto. A jack-of-all-trades ensemble—musicians, programmers, and story-tellers. Good Kid embraces the quirky and authentic moments of life, determined to create pockets of joy. And their dedication to exuberance has struck a chord across audiences and platforms.

The J-rock, indie-rock, and pop-punk influences on Good Kid are scattered throughout their discography, with high octane riffs, catchy melodies, and clever lyricism. They create an atmosphere reminiscent of the feelings of being trapped or misunderstood but provide a way out into a world of possibilities. The group goes a step further, by curating inclusive spaces for their listeners online. Through their Discord channel, Good Kid creates a community space for fans to interact with each other and the band in a casual way, providing updates on the band, circulating fan art, and hosting virtual events. Likewise, their Twitch stream opens their world up to fans by introducing them to the bands interests off-the-clock, whether it be playing a familiar game, learning a new song, or offering a cooking class.

The heart of their project is their dedication to their fanbase and including the fans in their process. They give back in grand gestures. Following the release of their second EP, Good Kid 2, they sent their fans on an interactive labyrinthic hunt for the band’s mythologized mascot, Nomu. The search led to a video game the band programmed themselves, ‘Ghost King’s Revenge.’ Choosing to play as one of the five band members, players move through various obstacles to free Nomu Kid from his arch rival Ghost King, with their own songs converted to chip-tune in the background. Good Kid’s ability to blend their passions and values results in an energetic, exuberant sound that is uniquely their own. And others took notice.

Good Kid find a way to share their wholesome energy across multiple platforms.

Most notably, portions of their songs accompanied a video by the most subscribed individual user on YouTube, American personality MrBeast. This was the first time MrBeast used a band’s music rather than royalty free instrumentals in a video. They’ve collaborated with top   Youtubers such as animator XrayAlphaCharlie and content creator Julien Solomita. After being featured by premiere anime podcast Trash Taste in one of their specials, the band hosted and collaborated with co-host, ConnorDawg, in their home city of Toronto.

Good Kid also caught the attention of some of the leading YouTube and Twitch accounts in the gaming space. Their music has been featured by several content creators and gamers such as  TommyInnit, Ph1LzA, Wilbur Shoot, and Bugha (winner of the Fortnite World Cup). Top gamers of Valorant, currently one of the biggest tactical first-person shooter games, features songs from multiple Good Kid albums in their play-by-play montages like “Faster,” “Witches,” “Down with the King,” and “Tell Me You Know.” Their song “Aloe Lite,” was the backtrack to announce the signing of a new player with FaZe clan, one of the most prominent gaming organizations in the world. The band was hosted by Arin Hanson of the comedy gaming show Game Grumps, they have interviewed with KEXP, Wonderland Magazine and Paste Magazine, been played on Fortnite Radio, and endorsed by e-sports brands such as TSM, Liquid, and Cloud 9.

Good Kid’s online following and influence also translates into the physical world. They embarked on two sold-out headlining US tours in 2022 and as a support act for Lovejoy on sold-out UK and EU tours. Their single off of their most recent EP, “No Time to Explain,” has garnered millions of streams on Spotify, has been featured on viral TikTok’s, played on numerous radio stations such as Alt Nation, KKDO, and Out of Order with Ted Stryker, while sitting at #9 on the Mediabase Alternative Canada Chart. Good Kid began from a determination to spread an upbeat energy through their music and not only have they stuck to their goal, they’ve started to build something that is so much more.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to say. I also wouldn’t call them top streaming. Maybe like notable?


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