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  • Dienstag, 9. April 2024
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

Sivert Høyem – On an Island Tour On his new album, Sivert Høyem allows sadness to flourish... mehr

Sivert Høyem – On an Island Tour

On his new album, Sivert Høyem allows sadness to flourish in the most beautiful way possible. In the new year, he will bring along his excellent band and set out on the road.

Two singles “The Rust” and “Aim for the Heart” has so far proceeded the upcoming album ‘On an Island,’ which is due to be released January 26th.

The new album, which is recorded in the old Zoar church building in Nyksund, marks a new chapter in Høyem’s career, which in recent years has revolved around one of the country’s biggest and most acclaimed bands, Madrugada.

The idea was to do something ‘simple and stripped-down’, and in spectacular surroundings, in what was once Vesterålen’s second-largest fishing village, the album ‘On an Island’ was created.

It sounds timeless, immediate, and raw, as if transported to Vesterålen in September, when the nights are long and cold.

The whole album was recorded in a makeshift studio over 14 hectic days, mostly as a trio with Sivert, co-producer Christer Knutsen, and drummer Børge Fjordheim, who will also accompany him on the road.

Nothing comes from boxes of pre-programmed sounds, and random noises, crackling wood, and the sound of possible ghosts are part of the experience.

One can only look forward to seeking refuge from the winter cold and warming up to one of our most distinctive voices, delivering world-class melancholy.


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